Google Street View Makes Diagon Alley Explorable


Maybe we’re well over a decade into waiting for that Hogwarts letter. And maybe our first visit to the actual Leaky Cauldron is still a year away (see you soon, Orlando). But, as always, the internet cures all sorrows.

Google Maps’ ever-expanding streetview feature has long allowed for hours of mindless exploration and the occasional gem. It even played a vital role in the scavenger hunt that revealed Pottermore’s name back in 2011. Now, anybody with internet connection can explore Diagon Alley as it appears in the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

Users can click through the iconic area to their heart’s content, using the 360° feature to look at all the details the facades offer. Ever wanted a closer look at the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes window displays or the owls at Eeylops Owl Emporium? This is your chance.

Short of flying out to the London tour, this is the most immersive Diagon Alley experience around until the Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion opens next summer.

  • Luckypuff

    It also lets you explore the lobby, which has cool bits of props and the gift shop. Go to the link in the article and zoom out. Once in birds eye view, click and drag the little person icon by the controls. Two orange spots show up, the one on the right is diagon alley and the one on the left is the lobby. Drag the person icon to that circle and it will drop you in street view in the middle of the lobby. You can even start to enter the line and see the cupboard under the stairs, which is really cool.