It’s Official! J.K. Rowling Will Co-Produce West End Stage Play Based on Harry Potter


Even though it seemed almost too good to be true yesterday, it is now absolutely, positively confirmed that J.K. Rowling will produce a Harry Potter-based stage play on London’s West End. Her Facebook page released the below statement this morning with some additional detail:

J.K. Rowling is pleased to announce that she is collaborating with the award-winning theatre producers Sonia Friedman and Colin Callender on a new stage play to be based on the Harry Potter stories.

What was it like to be the boy in the cupboard under the stairs? This brand new play, which will be developed for the UK theatre, will explore the previously untold story of Harry’s early years as an orphan and outcast. Featuring some of our favourite characters from the Harry Potter books, this new work will offer a unique insight into the heart and mind of the now legendary young wizard. A seemingly ordinary boy, but one for whom Destiny has plans…

J.K. Rowling will also be a co-producer on the project, but whilst she will collaborate with a writer on the new play, she will not write the script herself. J.K. Rowling said:

“Over the years I have received countless approaches about turning Harry Potter into a theatrical production, but Sonia and Colin’s vision was the only one that really made sense to me, and which had the sensitivity, intensity and intimacy I thought appropriate for bringing Harry’s story to the stage. After a year in gestation it is exciting to see this project moving on to the next phase. I’d like to thank Warner Bros. for their continuing support in this project.”

Writers and directors are now being considered, and the project will move into development in 2014.

So now we know for sure the play will star our very own Harry before he gets the news from Hagrid that changes his life (and all of our lives) for the better. The statement says it will include some of our favorite characters from the books, which makes us wonder if we’ll see small appearances from anyone other than the Dursleys (does anyone consider them favorites?). Maybe we’ll even get extra backstory on Petunia! Who knows? But let the plot, casting, set, dialogue, and every other kind of speculation begin!

Okay, all. What say you? Excited? Disappointed? Confused? So overwhelmed by the amount of J.K. Rowling news this year that you are ready to burst? (Yes, us too. We’ve barely processed the news ourselves.)

  • Flitzy

    I hope that it will be on Youtube or DVD though because I want to see but it’s all the way overseas!! :(