Once Upon a Time: Return to Storybrooke (SPOILERS)

Content Editor

Warning: There are potential spoilers in this post.

It seems that our time in Neverland may be coming to an end, and we will finally get to see more of the Storybrooke characters.

Last week we were introduced to Ariel and her links to Snow and Regina, as well as to some of her backstory. The episode ended with Regina, accompanied by Mr. Gold and in need of help, summoning the mermaid. Reluctant at first, she is persuaded to travel to Storybrooke, and this clip from Access Hollywood shows her arrival on this week’s episode:

It looks like nothing exciting has been happening in Storybrooke, but the “Home Office” has returned to cause some havoc.

Images of filming from the Storybrooke set have also emerged on the Internet recently. Most are very spoilery, so I would suggest looking away now if you want to avoid them.

The whole gang is back along with, it seems, Peter Pan. Could it mean we’ll soon be out of Neverland for good? There is also evidence of a lot of heart-string pulling.

So could someone be on their way out? It looks like either Pan and Regina may be bowing out, and by the look of things, Pan is not all he appears to be.

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    No no no no no no no no no no they can’t do that. They wouldn’t. They can’t. No.